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Our Vision

As B2B Handknotted/Tufted and other variety of carpets supply chains are not digital and transparent. Our Motto is to become trusted service providers for procurement of different design of carpets at best price and quality through digitally enabled platform via credits, Logistic & invoicing.


The Future We're Crafting

As we continue this journey, our focus remains on shaping a future where carpet contracting is synonymous with innovation, reliability, and professional growth. Join us as we weave the next chapters of our story, embracing the ever-evolving landscape of carpet craftsmanship.


Bhadohi Hub: Uniting for Manufacturing and Supply Chain Success.

As we are based at Bhadohi(Carpet city of World) having large number of contractors, We will go through them and partner with them for manufacturing and supply chain aspect.

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Exploration stage

At Buyer stage we are going to visit all possible fares within India and Outside India and we will also contact to different buyers through mail and zoom meeting to establish connections and gauge interest.


Building Trust Stage

Later after getting agreed, we will be having visit at Buyer resident country and make Buyer to visit us for giving them confidence.


Order Acquisition Stage

Once the confidence between us gets established we will proceed to receive order of defined meter square, along with it we have to receive credit.

Our Story

In the realm of carpet contracting, our story unfolds with a passion for precision and a commitment to mastery. From our inception, we embraced the artistry of crafting carpets as a journey of building dreams. Leveraging digital tools, we seamlessly connect skilled contractors with clients, transforming the contracting process into an efficient and transparent collaboration. Our tight-knit community thrives on collaboration, sharing insights that collectively elevate the industry to new heights. Quality is the cornerstone of our narrative, setting an unwavering standard of excellence in every project we undertake. By removing layers of intermediaries, we prioritize direct relationships, ensuring clear communication and fostering trust. Adapting to the dynamic landscape, we champion tech-driven agility, allowing our contractors to navigate industry changes with expertise. Fair pricing underscores our commitment, recognizing the value our contractors bring to every endeavor. As we celebrate successes, big and small, we continue shaping a future where carpet contracting is synonymous with innovation, reliability, and professional growth. We invite you to join us in the enchanting journey of crafting carpets and building dreams.


Why Us?

We cover all categories like Chairs, Beds, Kitchen, Dining Tables, Dressers & everything else that you need for your home

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