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Swastik Traders Transforming Carpets Through Seamless Connections and Best-in-Class Service

we serve as the vital link between skilled contractors and discerning buyers. Our commitment is unwavering — delivering unparalleled service in quality, cost efficiency, contract manufacturing, and credit assurance for our valued clients

Empowering Carpets, Empowering Contractors

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We are aiming at

Removing the chain of intermediaries between the Buyer and manufacturers.Standardizing and fair pricing. Meeting the demand of buyer and Manufacturer for different carpet design. Aiming to provide supply chain for Raw materials and finishing activity of Finished Goods for manufacturersand Buyers.


Why Partner with us?

For buyer from outside India, we promise to provide a seamless interaction with various manufacturers and act as a single point of contact throughout the entire process, from placing orders (including costing) to delivery of goods. Thus aims to make competitive and streamline the procurement process for international buyers, potentially saving their time and effort. If you are manufacturer we promise to become your best in class sales channel through our tech enabled platform. 


Foundations of Expertise

Quality without Compromise

Fair Pricing, Clear Value

Connecting Skill with Demand

Redefining Carpet Procurement:

Swastik Connecting Contractor

Swastik Connecting Contractor stands at the forefront of revolutionizing carpet procurement with a clear vision and unwavering commitment. Our pledge is to redefine the industry by being the trusted service provider for diverse carpet designs, offering the best in both price and quality.


Through our digitally enabled platform, we streamline the procurement process, integrating innovative features like credits, logistic solutions, and efficient invoicing. Eliminating intermediaries, we establish direct connections between buyers and manufacturers, ensuring transparency and efficiency.


Our pricing strategy emphasizes standardization and fairness, setting a new benchmark for equity in every transaction. Swastik Connecting Contractor is not just reshaping carpet procurement; it’s creating a future marked by efficiency, transparency, and excellence.